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EU–US Open Skies Agreement

The EU–US Open Skies Agreement is a significant international aviation agreement that allows any airline of the European Union and any airline of the United States to fly between any point in the European Union and any point in the United States. Both EU and US airlines are allowed to fly on to a ... Read More >>

Capacity Regulation

In the context of aviation, Capacity Regulation refers to the process of managing the number of aircraft that can safely and efficiently operate within a specific airspace or at an airport during a given time period. This is a critical aspect of air traffic management, as it helps to prevent congest... Read More >>



Air Travel Rights

Air Travel Rights refer to the legal entitlements of passengers during air travel. These rights are established by international, regional, and national laws and regulations, and they cover a wide range of issues, including compensation for flight delays and cancellations, lost or damaged luggage, a... Read More >>

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Registration refers to a unique alphanumeric string that identifies a civil aircraft, in accordance with the regulations of the International civil aviation organization (ICAO). This registration is mandatory for every aircraft that intends to fly, and it serves as the aircraft's identity i... Read More >>

No-fly List

In the context of aviation, a No-fly List is a list created and maintained by a country's government, specifically by its law enforcement or intelligence agencies. This list contains the names of individuals who are prohibited from boarding a commercial aircraft for travel within, into, or out of th... Read More >>

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Escape Path Lighting

Escape Path Lighting is a system of lighting that is installed in aircraft cabins and emergency exits to provide illumination for passengers to evacuate safely in the event of an emergency. The lighting is designed to be bright enough to be seen through smoke and darkness, and is typically powered b... Read More >>

Experimental Design

Experimental design is a method used in aviation research to plan and conduct experiments in a systematic and efficient manner. It involves identifying the research question, selecting the appropriate variables, designing the experiment, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions. Experi... Read More >>

Crosswind Landing

Crosswind landing is a technique used by pilots to land an aircraft when a crosswind is present. A crosswind is a wind that blows perpendicular to the runway. During crosswind landing, the pilot must use rudder and aileron to keep the aircraft aligned with the runway centerline. The pilot must also ... Read More >>

Top News

Federal officials are investigating a Rockies coach's cockpit visit during a Uni...

Federal officials are investigating an unauthorized inflight cockpit visit by a coach for the Colorado Rockies baseball team during a United Airlines charter flight...

News Source: ABC News on 2024-04-19

Video of a Colorado Rockies coach sitting in cockpit during team flight prompts ...

Officials are investigating a video that showed a Colorado Rockies coach sitting in the cockpit during a team flight— a major security violation....

News Source: NBC News on 2024-04-19

Woman tried to board flight at Memphis Airport with 56 pounds of marijuana: Repo...

Memphis airport police found 56 pounds of marijuana in a woman's luggage before she boarded her flight, reports state. She is facing felony charges....

News Source: USA Today on 2024-04-19

Boeing’s failures expose a dark secret about the 'free market'...

The Senate held two hearings around Boeing scandals and whistleblowers this week. But the problems are much bigger than one company and its regulators....

News Source: MSNBC on 2024-04-19

FAA investigating after flight told to cross runway where another was taking off...

The Federal Aviation Administration says it will investigate after a flight at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport was instructed to cross a runway where another flight was starting its takeoff....

News Source: Associated Press on 2024-04-19